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Payonhold is helping individuals and businesses all across africa to make and receive escrow payment in a safer, creative and innovative way.

Trusted by over 1,000 businesses in Nigeria.

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Pay with Escrow Confidence

Payonhold is a powerful Digital Escrow service that protects your transactions and gives you the peace of mind you need when buying or selling to someone you dont know.

Payonhold Check Icon Have you ever paid for goods online and the vendor never delivered?

Payonhold Check Icon Have you ever paid for an item and you got something entirely different?

If yes, Payonhold is for you.

We give you the power to be in control of your transaction. With Payonhold if you make payment for an item and the vendor fails to deliver, you can callback your payment and end the transaction.

It is Game Over for fraudulent vendors.


Why Payonhold?


Do you sell online?

Using Payonhold to accept payment for goods and services significantly boost your trust score and gives your customers a reliable payment alternative they would love.

We know you may have been struggling to make sales on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter because people are scared to loose their money and they don't trust you enough to deliver.

With Payonhold we have your covered and now you can prove your worth to your clients. Relax and watch your sales hit an all time high using Payonhold.

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Transparent charges

₦200 + 2.5%

Local Deposit Fees

₦500 + 4.5%

International Deposit Fees

₦200 Flat Rate

Withdrawal Fees

(Bank Transfer Charges & SMS Charges)

₦0 Transfer Fee

Free from Payonhold to Payonhold

Why you need to Join In!

Our Model is Simple...

We ensure you never loose money ever again. Our digital Escrow system works in a very simple yet effective way - The buyer is able to create a transaction on the payonhold platform and keep track of his/her payment until goods or services are delivered as agreed.

After a successful delivery, the buyer goes to their transaction page and click the 'Release' botton and payments is instantly released to the seller and ready for withdrawals.

Call it back option...

In cases where goods/services are not delivered as agreed, the buyer simply logon to payonhold and 'Callback Payment' and that automatically sets up a dispute resolution between the Buyer, Seller and Payonhold and every dispute is quickly resolved through our inbuilt chat system and we come to a resolution and close the deal within 24hours.

Sellers and Vendors not left out...

At Payonhold, sellers are also protected, as their payments are already held by the platform and ready to be released when they keep their end the deal.

The payonhold platform is fully automated and holds fund until both transacting party are satisfied with their terms. It is the best way a seller is guaranteed of payments while a buyer is also guaranteed that goods/services will be delivered.